Thursday, May 8, 2008

Aims and Objectives of teacher education

The aims of teacher education are,

Ø To evolve instructional strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiency of instructional process in B.Ed program.

Ø Providing instruction in particular courses of study in B.Ed .

Ø Restructuring the existing curriculum of teacher education programme completely.

Ø Efforts in the second category aimed at enhancing the impact potential and practical relevance of particular courses of study in B.Ed.

Ø To build a national system of teacher education based on India’s cultural ethics, its unity and diversity synchronizing with change and continuity..

Ø To facilitate the realization of the constitutional goals and emergence of the social order.

Ø To [prepare professionally competent teachers to perform their roles effectively as per needs of the society.

Ø To upgrade the standard of teacher education.

Ø To enhance the professional and social status of teachers and develop amongst them a sense of commitment.

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